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Basic Naturopathic Therapies

These are the main services that a naturopathic doctor will use when treating a patient.  They are learned in the basic training of the naturopathic schools.  After consulting with a patient, the naturopathic doctor will determine what possible basic naturopathic services could be used and how they could be used to treat causes of a patient’s health problems.  We then go over what we believe is causing the health problem and how these services could be implemented.  Each service has it’s uses, advantages and disadvantages.

Clinical Nutrition Therapy

This is where the doctor will look at the patient’s diet in detail. We will try to determine if there is anything in the patent’s diet that is causing their health problems, if they are reacting to foods and any improvements that can be done.

We work with our patients to find issues and implement changes that will work for the patient. We don’t put everyone on a vegetarian or a low carb diet immediately. We don’t just put people on gluten free or dairy free if it’s not necessary.

We examine the patient’s eating habits, when they eat, what they are doing through the day, what their schedule is like and how any changes will be implemented.

For example if someone is not eating breakfast, and is busy all day, has no time and can’t get a chance to cook a meal, so is eating fast food all the time, we could recommend they do all the cooking on Sunday, package it up for suppers for the
week and have a simple breakfast cereal for breakfast and a healthy wrap for lunch. Then when they get home they don’t have to cook and just reheat supper.

So we always find what will work with our patient and fit it in to their schedule and lifestyle. We make it easy for them to follow as well as being therapeutic.

Vitamins and Supplement Therapy

We will often recommend supplements and vitamins for their therapeutic effects to our patients. We always try to keep it simple and we never use shopping bags of supplements in a shotgun effect. It is common that we will often recommend 1 to 4 products to our patients.

Many vitamins have very therapeutic effects that have been scientifically researched. For example Vitamin C has been shows in scientific studies to reduce exercise induced asthma by up to 48%. There are many other examples of different vitamins that are used therapeutically which is backed by scientific research.

The products that we use are the ones that we have the most experience with. As our doctors have over 20 years experience, we will recommend products that we know work in most situations.

We do carry a limited supply of our products on site. Patients do not have to get them from us. They are free to choose products anywhere they would like. The pharmacy in our building will carry a lot of the products that we recommend.

If a patient chooses to find a product on their own, we will do our best to work with that. It can be difficult as we can’t guarantee quality or outcomes on products we are not familiar with.


This is the use of small single use sterile needles that are inserted into very specific acupuncture points on the patient’s body. With this therapy we are stimulating a local healing response but also working on the acupuncture meridian and it’s connection to the internal organ systems.

Acupuncture mostly stimulates the body to heal itself, both locally and within the body.

Botanical and herbal medicine

Herbal (botanical) medicines are plant extracts that are put into a Medicinal form, teas, liquids, dry powders and capsules. They stimulate the body to heal itself with the components of the herbs.

There are many scientific studies on what herbs are used for. For example Black Cohosh has been extensively studied in it’s use for menopausal hot flashes.

We custom design out herbal (botanical) treatments for our patients. The ingredients and herbs that can be used have multiple different healing properties that have been used for hundreds of years.

So if a patient needs a certain ingredient for one reason, and another ingredient for a separate problem we can combine the ingredients in a custom solution for everything the patient needs.


Homeopathy is the use of diluted herbs to stimulate the body’s own response to healing. This type of medicine works by bringing small doses of the herb in to the patient to constantly stimulate the body and educate the immune system. The small dose educates the immune system to start the healing response.

The advantage of this type of medicine is that it’s used for people who are really sensitive to other medications. We can start really low dose and work our way up with this type of medicine without any side effects. These are also completely safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding and are easy to use on children who may have a difficult time with larger supplements and botanicals.

Exercise Therapy

Naturopathic doctors are trained in the different exercise techniques available for improving health. Improvements in diet and exercise can improve everyone’s health. Research shows that improving exercise will improve overall health outcomes. We work with our patients to design an exercise program that works for them and they actually like to do. It’s always more effective if you actually do the exercise, and making it something you will want to do is the key to improving the possibility of you following through and doing the workouts.

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