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Advanced Naturopathic Therapies

naturopathic therapies advanced edmontonThese are the services that are learned by advanced training after the doctor has graduated from the naturopathic school.  Once a doctor has graduated from the basic training, they may wish to take advanced training on services that can further help their patients.  Each advanced training service normally requires certification and continuing education once learned and implemented.  Often advanced services take some of the basic services and advance them in a way that improves the therapeutic effect.

High dose vitamin C injections

Vitamin C and other vitamins have amazing healing properties. There are times where we will choose to do IntraVenous injections of these vitamins for certain patients.

High doses of vitamin C through injection are used for immune system problems, cancer support, heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma and breathing problems, diabetes and chemical toxicities.

This can be done when a patient’s bowel is not working well enough to absorb the vitamins. For example in Crohn’s or colitis, or inflammatory bowel diseases and other bowel compromise conditions like candida, parasites.

We will also do this when we determine that the patient needs a much higher dose than we can get to orally. When taking certain vitamins by mouth, only so much can get absorbed and distributed to the cells. Vitamin C at higher doses orally will cause diarrhea and not be absorbed.

When we inject the vitamins, we can use extremely high doses with minimal side effects. This allows maximum therapy. The body doesn’t have to absorb the vitamins and all of the vitamins get into all of the cells of the body and super saturates the cells. We add more than just vitamin C to our injections we will often add many different vitamins and minerals all depending on the patient’s needs and the desired therapeutic effect. It is common to use up to 50 grams of vitamin C with all of the B vitamins, minerals, calcium, magnesium and others.

High dose vitamin C injections are also used for immune system problems. Whenever the body’s immune system is compromised they get sick often or they are susceptible to cancer. So this treatment is used to boost the immune system to help treat certain cancers and immune problems.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone is Oxygen3. When injected it does 3 main things:

  1. Ozone can kill most bacteria, virus or fungus. So it is really good for infections of all kinds, but especially ones that are resistant to antibiotics and other treatments.
  2. Ozone will re oxygenate your body. This increases your metabolism and your energy systems. This can improve your energy and also stimulates a large amount of healing as oxygen is required for healing the body.
  3. Ozone stimulates detoxification. The ozone will regenerate the detoxification and elimination pathways of the liver and kidneys, getting the body to remove chemicals.

So overall ozone stimulates healing, detoxification and kills off infections. It is often used for immune system problems and added to the Injectable vitamin C to increase the effect.

Chelation therapy

Chelation is the removal of heavy toxic metals from the body. The body has no natural method for removing heavy metals. They are called heavy metals because of their physical weight on the periodic table of elements and because the body can’t remove them naturally.

Heavy metals can build up in the body because our body can’t remove them. When they build up in organs then diseases will happen. Mercury is famous for building up in thyroid and kidney and adrenal tissue causing low energy and weight problems.

With chelation we introduce a natural substance that goes into the body, grabs a hold of the metal and pulls it out through the kidney. There are different types of chelating agents used for different metals. Each one of these metal chelators are administered differently, some are capsules taken orally, some are injected. We choose the right chelating agent for the metals.

We normally test the patient to see what type of metals they have and how much before we do chelation therapy. Chelation can take a long time, 2 to 3 years to remove all the metals. Chelation can also cause side effects so it can’t be done fast or it will damage the body pulling out that many metals too fast. So there are other vitamins that are taken before, during and after chelation to help the process and protect the body from the side effects possible.

Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is the injection of a local anaesthetic into a trigger point or pain area of the body. It is used to treat pain syndromes including headaches, migraines, menstrual pain, and any musculoskeletal pain that is due to injury and scar tissue. Often what happens is that the pain is caused by a disruption of the energy flow to the area. The local anaesthetic resets the nerve and energy flow to the area to calm and relax the area so that the energy can flow properly.

Although it is obvious that a local anaesthetic could help pain, it is expected that it should wear off within a few hours. What actually does end up happening is that the reset to the energy flow of the area cause long term relaxation of the area and then stimulates a long term reduction of the pain.

Natural Joint Therapies

We do 3 different types of joint therapies at this time. Each one has pros and cons. These are the natural joint, injury and tissue regeneration therapies. They are used for sprains and strains, areas of difficult healing or areas of pain that have not improved over time.

It is common for someone to have some type of injury like a back injury. That can linger and just not heal over time, and it’s still there months or years after the injury. it can be as simple as a twisted back muscle or as complicated as a back injury or even degenerated discs in the back. We treat all of these.

We focus on large joints, knee, hip, shoulder and back issues. We have treated all types of joint problems including degenerated joints, people who are on an waiting list for joint surgery or people who are not a candidate for surgery because of health or age reasons. We treat degenerated joints, tendon and ligament problems and all types of joint injuries.


This is the most basic of joint and tendon therapies. It is the injection of a local anaesthetic, Dextrose 50% and Vitamin B12. It is normally used for mild sprains and strains and injuries that haven’t fully healed and are causing continue pain and mobility issues. We have used this on low back, knee and hip pain that is inflamed and causing problems.

Prolotherapy with Ozone (Prolozone)

This is a similar injection as prolotherapy with added Ozone. The ozone is Oxygen3, which stimulates a much larger healing and anti inflammatory response. It is used for mild to moderate injuries of tendons and ligaments and joint degeneration. This would be a patient who is not a candidate for surgery, but in pain and it’s limiting their quality of life.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

In this therapy we extract the patient’s own blood, and then, put their blood into a special centrifuge that spins to extract the Platelet Rich Plasma portion of their blood. That portion is then injected into the area of injury. That Platelet Rich Portion of their blood has the growth factors and stem cells to stimulate a significantly stronger healing response. This therapy is used in moderate to severe cases. PRP is used for degeneration of the joints, arthritis, and first or second degree tears of tendons and ligaments.

PRP is also used for patients who are not candidates for joint replacement and really need some help. These patients are often too young or elderly or for some medical reason are not a candidate for surgery.

Click here for more information on PRP.

BioIdentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT)

The type of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy that we do here is completely natural. Many people will ask us to find out if we use BioIdentical Hormones, but more specifically many of them are looking for Progesterone creams. We do not, nor can we prescribe Progesterone creams as they are a synthetic Bio-Identical Hormone replacement.

The type of Bio-Identical Hormone therapies we do here are truly natural, as opposed to being synthetic. Standard BHT is the use of manufactured chemical hormones, like progesterone cream that is extracted from a herb then chemically altered and synthesized into the hormone treatment cream or capsule. The Natural BHT we use is from plant source, so we use the actual herb, not a chemically extracted and synthesized version of it.

Both types of BHRT are used but they are not the same. The problem is that the terminology for BHRT is the same, so no one really knows that there is a difference, an important one. There is a difference in the types of BHRT, one is truly all natural, the other is a natural extract that is then chemically altered.

You can think of Bio-Idetical Hormones as an umbrella term that includes both synthetic and natural formats.