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Dr. Kirk Westby, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (DTCM, RAc)

Dr. Kirk Westby was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba but grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. In his youth he was very active in all types of sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, and Judo. Exposure to Judo at a young age started a lifelong interest in exploring Asian cultures and the world of martial arts.

Dr. Westby attended the University of Regina with a major in Biology and a minor in Psychology. He was intent on becoming a medical doctor. At the time he was studying a martial art called Hapkido, but a serious knee injury changed the focus of his entire life. After consulting with a surgeon he was informed he would no longer be able to practice martial arts or any other sports without surgery to restore his knee. He was devastated but resigned to undergo the required treatment.

While he was awaiting surgery he found a teacher of Kung Fu who suggested exercises to strengthen his knee. As he began his training in Kung Fu, his teacher made him various herbal lineaments that helped decrease the pain and swelling in his knee and encouraged him to try acupuncture for more permanent relief. Dr. Westby did not have high expectations, but signed on for a dozen treatments. The acupuncture completely healed his knee without the need for surgery. Dr. Westby is fully active in sports and martial arts to this day.

Because of the dramatic results he experienced, Dr. Westby researched acupuncture and its parent, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM has over 5000 years of recorded history, covering all aspects of health with treatments exhibiting little to no side effects for the patient. His interest led him to seek out the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (I.C.T.C.M.) in Vancouver. Dr. Westby was accepted into the doctoral program in TCM, finishing his degree with an internship in two different hospitals and two private clinics in China.

Dr. Westby passed his licensing exam in 2003 and moved to Edmonton with his wife Gwen to start his medical practice and study Tai Chi. Dr. Westby joined Dr. Nowazek at Green Apple Health Care in 2009 to work in a multidisciplinary clinic, the best environment to provide his patients with natural based alternative health care.

In addition to his doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (D.TCM), Dr. Westby is a registered acupuncturist in Alberta and is trained in advanced and in-clinic lab testing. He is expert in acupuncture and Chinese herbology. Through the years, Dr. Westby has incorporated modern, natural techniques and tests into his practice. He focuses in family medicine and treats all health conditions with a focus on hormonal issues, neck and back pain, stress/anxiety, depression and inflammatory disorders.

Dr. Westby believes that health and overall well-being require balance in the body, mind and spirit. Using modern natural techniques and the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, his goal is not only to treat the body, but to teach the skills and knowledge needed to maintain excellent health.

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