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Dr. Briana Lutz, Naturopathic Doctor (BSc, ND)

From a young age, Dr. Briana Lutz recognized an innate passion for medicine, but it wasn’t until she found Naturopathic medicine that she understood her true calling.

Dr. Lutz attended the University of Alberta where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a focus in neuropsychology while minoring in fine arts. She then uprooted to Vancouver where after four years of intensive study and clinical experience achieved her Naturopathic doctorate at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. Having grown up in rural Alberta outside of Edmonton, Dr. Lutz is delighted to be back in Edmonton to serve the community.

As a Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Lutz delivers naturally focused medical care with treatment in women’s hormones and preconception, healthy skin, and increased energy and productivity.

Dr. Lutz works congruently with the healing power of nature, facilitating the body’s process of self-healing for increased resilience and vibrancy. She believes that medicine should work with your physiology for lasting, sustainable change, and is passionate about educating her patients about their health concerns and her natural treatment options.

With therapeutic nutrition, acupuncture, and a nerdy appreciation for botanical medicine, she has helped her patients sleep soundly, have greater energy throughout the day, clear their skin, mind, and life direction to thrive in a more fulfilling, aligned life.
As an advocate of work-life balance, Dr. Lutz can be found enjoying Edmonton’s expanding culinary scene, practicing at the SATTVA School of Yoga, or supporting her soon-to-be hubby on his organic haskap orchard.

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