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Dr. Briana Botsford, Naturopathic Doctor

My name is Briana Botsford and I am a Naturopathic Doctor with a passion for helping people achieve their full health potential. I focus in the treatment of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, digestive concerns including irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease and women’s health issues such as menopause, fertility and PMS. As an Ironman Triathlete, I have a special interest and advanced education in sports medicine and the treatment of pain and injury as well as sports nutrition and performance.

I’ve helped patients improve their mood and reduce anxiety. I’ve worked with patients to bring down their blood sugar and cholesterol. I’ve helped patients sleep better and have more energy. I’ve worked with women struggling with painful or irregular menstruation, infertility or hot flashes and helped them find hormonal balance. I’ve helped many people feel better, and I’d like to help you too.

I have an intimate understanding of the physical, mental and emotional workings of the human body and mind. Before attending Naturopathic Medical School, I received my Bachelor’s degrees in Physical and Health Education and Life Sciences from Queen’s University. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Yoga Teacher and integrate my in-depth understanding of movement and exercise into my treatment plans on a regular basis. I have received advanced training in emergency procedures, IV therapy, prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma injections, neural therapy and ozone administration. Using both advanced and basic naturopathic therapies I will work with you to determine the best treatment plan based on the cause of your issues.

Let’s work together to get you feeling well!

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