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Renee Giroux Wyton, Holistic Nutrition Clinical Practitioner

Renee’s Holistic Nutrition practice is focused in women’s health, mental health, weight loss, elderly, and children’s health. She has a special interest in the role of nutrition in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

My story

I fell into my career and passion through a very personal experience, my child’s health. Through my own experience with holistic methods of treating my child’s health issues; we experienced unbelievably amazing results. We struggled through severe food intolerance, eczema, asthma, regressive neurological issues, aggression, and Tourette’s.  Through working with a Holistic Nutritionist when he was 2 and starting treatment with Dr. Nowazek when he was 4 as well as a multitude of other holistic practitioners, and therapists we were able to reverse all his health issues and start to heal his little body.  Really the results were nothing short of a miracle.

In 2008, I started Modish Monkeys as a place of support for other families who found themselves tangled in the web of allergies, asthma, eczema and so on.  Modish Monkeys evolved and changed over the years. We helped many families dealing with the emotional effects of dealing daily with todays growing amount of childhood health issues.
In 2010, I decided to take all the information and experiences I had had to that point and pursue my Holistic Nutrition designation.  I graduated from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2013. Driven to help other families dealing with their own health issues.

In 2016, I made the decision to return to work full time as a Holistic Nutritionist. Green Apple Health Care was a very natural choice, being our own experience with the clinic with my little family’s health. My children’s health is wonderful. I am thankful everyday for the allergies and health issues we faced when they were little, it changed our lives for the better. A struggle over the last 10 years, yes, but I would do it all over again and not change one thing in our long journey.

The bodies amazing ability to heal itself amazes me everyday.

I am currently working on my Advanced Nutrition Diploma through CSNN.

I will forever be a student, advocate, educator, and mom.